Allowing players to help with reports

A lot of reports have been rushed or ignored completely because no matter how big the team of roblox moderators, there will be tens of thousands of reports. My feature I am requesting is allowing trusted users such as those who have gained access to the fast track reporting system to have a way to obtain the power to view and judge reports on the roblox website, my idea for this is that there are multiple levels of entry into this program, the viewer, which can view reports and flag it for removal if it is invalid, the reccomender, which will be able to comet on the reports what they recommend, the deleter, which can view reports flagged for invalid and delete them, and the report manager, the most helpful of all, they will actually be able to give warnings and one day bans or flag it for more severe punishment. These names will not be the actual names as they are purely descriptive to what they do, also there would be a high quota to earn any of these powers as they are highly abusable, this would allow for less of Roblox’s attention to go to managing reports and more on giving very trusted robloxians access to help. I think that this would overall be a good addition and would lower the amounts of false reports.