Allowing users to DevEx with less than 100,000 earned Robux

As a small Roblox developer, I am currently unable to DevEx due to me not having 100,000 earned Robux in my account. I believe developers should be able to DevEx without having 100,000 earned Robux in their Roblox account - tiers have already been removed therefore users should be allowed to DevEx when they do not meet the current 100,000 earned Robux requirement.

If Roblox allows users to do this, it would improve my development experience because sometimes I might like to DevEx smaller amounts of Robux like 800 Robux or 1,000 Robux. Additionally, 100,000 earned Robux might seem quite hard to get for smaller developers with less Robux.


As the DevEx approval process is, to my knowledge, partially manual, I don’t think this is a great use of their time. Doing this would delay bigger developers’ requests that they may rely on to pay rent in order to give smaller developers a couple of bucks. 1000 Robux would only be $3.50 by current rates.

Edit to clarify: I’m a smaller developer myself, and would probably use this, don’t get me wrong. I just think the employees shouldn’t really be wasting their time on these kinds of things.


Gotta disagree on this one. I personally would like to DevEx smaller amounts, even if I only get a low amount for it, and I’m sure many people will probably agree with me on this one.


When you think about it, lots of people take commissions for small amounts of Robux and would like to DevEx the Robux earned.


I don’t think this isn’t a very nice idea, I mean it would be cool to DevEx under 100k R$, but there will be some issues.

Having the ability to DevEx under 100k R$ would just cause a mess from many developers and users since you could DevEx 10k R$, 22k R$, or even 500 R$. There is a good reason why they made DevEx 100k R$ or more as it doesn’t cause a hassle on the people who manage these money and that you earn more money that way.

I’m a small developer that is in the work on developing a game and earning money, but this isn’t really feasible for Roblox staff or users who use DevEx for rent or life savings.


I understand where you’re coming from, I think DevEx requests for 100,000 Robux or more should probably be prioritised more and smaller amounts should be delayed slightly longer. While this may seem unfair on people who cannot DevEx large amounts, you’ve gotta keep the system balanced.

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idk about devexing as low as 1000 Robux… with the fees, that $3.50 could become $0


My friend @Svmiyy asked me a very valid question on Discord.
Not all people have access to PayPal or other money transfer services, therefore I feel being able to DevEx smaller amounts would be good.


The system is already balanced as of it right now, no one has issues with DevEx and I personally think that if this was a feature, it would be abused a ton by users who have less than 100k R$.

Delaying DevEx along with this feature isn’t great at all. I think you shouldn’t delay DevEx at all and smaller amounts for small developers (if it were a thing) would still cause chaos. I just don’t think this idea is feasible.


Seeing as small sums of Robux like 1K only is around $3.50 there really in no point with all the external legal obligations besides Roblox. For example if you’re doing your taxes you have to claim every little payment by law. How ever I do believe 10K+ should be able to Dev Ex seeing as that’s a bit larger at $35.00.


I don’t think people should be able to DevEx 1 Robux for example, I just think small developers who have less than 100k R$, as long as they weren’t Devexing an extremely low amount I don’t think this would be abusing it.

True, I’d just like to see how the DevEx process works personally although I don’t have tons of Robux. It seems as if small developers are being treat unfairly - 100,000 Robux is not easy to get. I do think 10k+ would be good!

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The thing is, under 100k Robux is considered an extremely low amount by plenty of people. There’s a reason they chose that number.


Plenty of rich people who don’t understand what it feels like to be a small developer.

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Sure, like 10 Robux is an extremely small amount, I understand that.

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I mean everyone who is now a big developer or very rich does understand what it feels like as a very small developer as they started out with nothing and small.

They’re beginners at the start and have big knowledge and understanding of coding after years and years of practice and making stuff and pretty much developer tools.


Well clearly now that they are big developers they don’t seem to care that small developers don’t get the chance to DevEx because they’re too busy Devexing like £300,000 to buy a supercar.

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Not having access to PayPal is an issue; I acknowledge that.

But that is an issue with few people as opposed to the many. Meaning the majority can and should use PayPal if they’re earning less than 100k robux

As it stands with the 100k limit it takes about 1-3weeks sometimes for a transaction to be accepted. (Not counting the first dev-ex where they give you a background check; that takes longer)

We can assume that as we start to dip below the 100k line. The amount of players will exponentially increase wanting to dev ex.

Therefore the 2-3week wait every month would turn into a 1 month wait. Whats even scarier is that since we can only dev-ex once a month, if the wait time exceeds the month, they will start to backlog and collect more coming in than they can accept going out.

The 100k Limit was put there for a reason.

I understand small developers wanna be able to make some money but we have to stay serious. Some people are doing this as a full time job. And I will say we cant risk any delays that reducing the limit can have.


I’m a pretty small developer, and 100K is a very low amount to me. I would never DevEx only 100K, it’s just not enough to be worth it. That amount of money is better suited toward development expenses (like commissions or sounds) than DevExing. I just put in my 6th DevEx request today. It usually takes a week or more for the funds to go through, and waiting that long for even just a few hundred dollars isn’t really what I want to be doing.

I know that I wouldn’t want an increase in that processing time just because tons of people are DevExing such a little amount of money. You can only do it once per month, what’s the point in DevExing like $35? People rely on this for income and increasing the already long processing time isn’t feasible.

I know what being a small developer feels like because I still am one. DevExing such small amounts just isn’t worth it and will exist only to the detriment of people using DevEx regularly as a source of actual income. 100K Robux isn’t that hard to come by and there’s tons of people with sub-100K. The current limits exists to filter all of those people out until they have a more worthwhile amount of Robux.

BTW, all the people saying that something like $3.50 would be 0 by the time you actually get it are wrong – the ACH payment method has only ever taken a $1 fee for me. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to pay taxes on DevEx money unless you’ve made more than $600 in the year either.


I have better idea which is make it so if someone reached 100k robux he can cashout amount like 30k or 25k something like this, because not everyone really need lots of money and sometimes maybe he want to renew his premium who knows. My point is if a player reached 100k+ robux let them DevEx the amount they want but with requirement to be the robux more than 25k to devex, and like I said for cashout button let it appears if player reached 100k robux but player should also be able when he reach 100k robux to devex lower than it

Maybe some people want just DevEx small amounts for small things plus everyone knows devex 100k for 350 dollar that you need to wait weeks for it is just waste of robux and time


those up here for the cashout of min amount, and for button when appears