I dunno. I still think it’s kind of silly to add features just because somebody doesn’t know how to use scripts. Do you really think someone who doesn’t know how to open a script will know what this feature does?

Changing a property of Workspace is far easier than changing a line in a script that is several thousand lines long. You or I know exactly what to look for, but many users may not.

But yes, I agree. I don’t expect majority of people to ever touch this. The nice thing is that it is off by default.

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Does this mean Insert Wars games will be back?

The name of the property is “AllowThirdPartySales”, thus a value of False means “do not allow third party sales”.

It also helps protect filtering enabled games in the event of any dev-console or similar unprivledged lua execution exploits on the game server.


He was replying to my post asking if it was false by default; which I overlooked on the original post.

So indeed, admin donation stuff is gone… along with (for example) Mad Voice’s gamepasses etc.
(Well, the creator should add their own iirc, but you get the idea)

On the other hand: If we still allow thirdparty sales, do we still get the 10% commission?
(I remember getting 10% commission for someone else’s gamepass that got sold in a place of mine)

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Is the AllowThirdPartySales able to be queried? If so, you could just disable your admin commands unless they enable AllowThirdPartySales.

How does this actually protect FE games? All you’re doing is preventing them from selling their items in-game. If they have a higher lua execution privilege than they’re supposed to have, they can do lots more than advertise their items in your game such as kicking the entire server, resetting peoples’ stats and items, mess with other datastore values, etc. I don’t see why preventing people from advertising their own items in places they exploit was such an issue that it needed to be randomly patched, especially when these exploits happen once in a blue moon if at all.

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All the change does is either allow or disallow third-party (non-you, non-roblox) asset sales in your place. You will get the normal commission on any successful sale. This feature is not intended to adversely affect the honest developer.

If you want admin donations, you likely want to allow third party asset sales in your places that have this feature.

Realistically/Statistically, FE games will not need need this feature. However, FE isn’t universally adopted, even among top games. My point was only to show why a developer of a FE place might use this feature. (or ignore it, it is optional)

I welcome any suggestions. The original thread on this topic did not get much attention.

It was more the case of “I got an adminscript”
Also, it would be annoying to have to enable ThirdPartySales for one thing.

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Sure, you have time to update all of your places. If there are issues with sales at this moment I very much want to know as it may mean a rollback of the last release.

The 3rd-party script donation was not part of the original thread. I’ll look into this and see if there is a good solution to this.

Just to clarify so I understand the problem before giving suggestions, why exactly is this a problem in the first place? You say it’s not really needed in FE games, but the non-FE games are no different from FE games in this regard because either way you need exploits to advertise your products in someone else’s game. Is there some hidden issue I’m not seeing?

Several solutions, that can be mixed:

  • Have a list on the Configure page of the game, that allows the creator to whitelist assets
  • Have a method that allows us to whitelist assets/dev products, like:
    Function void MarketplaceService:AllowThirdPartySale(int assetId, InfoType infoType = Asset)
    (Although dev products from other games can’t be used, so maybe without the last parameter)
  • Have trustworthy people flag some assets automaticly whitelisted, like (legit) admin donations
    (Might be farfetched and practically impossible, but it’s just an idea)
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My radio model allows players to take a copy of the model in any game that has the radio if they like it. It’s free and non-intrusive. Will this affect the free taking of models using PromptPurchase?

I can see several people who are maintaining current admin commands just spamming people with notifications to enable this feature. I know some leave a pretty noticeable notification of httpservice isn’t enabled.

Also, a lot of these third party scripts depend on in game sales. This would damage their ability to get known, and about of their profits for legitimate purposes


Does AllowThirdPartySales change anything about “selling” free assets?
I don’t see why you should block a free model from being sold.

I am all for it personally.

Great, now I have to tell @Nightgaladeld to turn this on for Las Vegas so I can sell my gamepasses

Also, why do we have all these settings spread across instances. Although potentially for another thread, shouldn’t these settings be placed in another service called “PlaceSettings” or something like that?

Sigh… third party sales was the only way for me to get more takes on my model, now I have to ask my users to enable that property so I can at least get some support…

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Or MarketplaceService… or maybe the site under Configure?
But with it being in-game, it gives me hope that later on we can do :AllowAsset(id)