Almost every sound is broken suddenly

So basically almost all of the sound in my game is broken… I see errors in the output saying “Unable to download sound data”. I heard that roblox changed something related to sounds.

What can I do?

Reupload all the sounds you need onto your profile / group or use Roblox’s provided audio

Where can I do that? In the inventory?

Create tab → audio

I didn’t make sounds… I searched them in the toolbar.

You have to use your own sounds I think. Or ones made by Roblox. I definitely could be wrong on that though.


if a audio is unprivated, then you can use it, if not you gotta use by roblox or ones made by you.


Unfortunately the ability to unprivate audio was also locked…they never told us why (though some of you might have an idea why) and they said that even though it’s temporary, they don’t have a deadline to bring it back.