Alot of print() freeze game until cleared

I always use print for debuging scripts that are not working correctly but i keep running into an issue that is very annoying in certain situations.

When the game has to print a lot of thing it start lagging at a point where studio almost crash or runs at 0.2 frame per second until the output is cleared

I tried to see if the problem was my computer by testing it on the laptop but it was still doing it.

Does someone know why it is doing that? It is very annoying when using on fast executing scripts.

You can try to enable “Clear Output on Start” in Roblox Studio settings.
It won’t prevent you to lag if you have too much things in the output but at least you won’t lag if you keep Roblox Studio open without clearing the output for too long.

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Avoid using while true loops if you have a lot of them as well.