Alpacka | Hiring Builder

About Us

Hey, we are Alpacka. We are a new group recently forming on Roblox, and we are seeking out another Builder to build our Main Cafe, as the outside area is already done.

The Team
@BrightZebrafish - Scripter
@VVylann - Builder

About The Job

We are seeking out a builder to join our team, you can either work short term-or long term, but if you would only like to work short term that is still amazing. We are just looking for someone to build our Cafe Building, as we have already started and we are quite dissatisfied with the current result.

Our game needs to have our Main Cafe Building done by at least some time in the summer, and it should take as much time as you need. We already have our scripter ready to do all the scripting, so now we just need a builder.


We are looking for someone who can do this for relatively cheap, maybe even free, but we wouldn’t mind paying 1,000-1,500 Robux depending on what we negotiate.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord, my contact is dylann#9988.

Thanks for reading!


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