Alpha Code Test now OPEN

Hello everyone,

After several months of coding, building, etc…, the first alpha test of my game is ready. Check it out HERE. I have tested this as thoroughly as I can so the bugs should be few. If you run into a problem, please reply to this post. I’m also looking for general feedback. I’m not too concerned with map glitches as the real game will have different maps.

Some issues that I’m aware of:

  • The castle area has significant lag and can take awhile to load.
  • Sometimes, the message that indicates that you picked something up doesn’t go away.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. There’s something that roams the castle grounds. Don’t let it get you.

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interesting, but i am extremely confused on what is happenning in the game

I spawned and an invis guy kept tryna kill me, also happened to be invincible (or had a whole LOAD of health)

The game is basically a 3rd-person shooter where you go around killing other players for cash and experience. Like I said, this game is alpha and this is a code test to see how everything runs on a live server. I spent months writing all the libraries that are used in the game. As such many things are still under construction. In the actual game, the following features will be available:

  • Round system with lobby
  • Auto-selected or player selected maps (players pay 5$R to pick)
  • Auto-selected or player selected combat modes (players pay 5$R to pick)
  • Each map has different versions to accommodate the selected combat mode.

The combat modes are as follows:

  • Deathmatch (free for all, 2 team, 4 team)
  • King of the Hill (2 team, 4 team)
  • Domination (2 team, 4 team)
  • Infection (2 team, 4 team)
  • Capture the Flag (2 team, 4 team)(base flags (standard), central flag)

There’s also bosses that spawn. The invisible NPC that was trying to kill you is one such boss (explained below).

The mostly invisible guy that was trying to kill you is literally The Predator. It has most of the same basic capabilities as the alien in the predator movies: invisibility, plasma cannon, chakra for melee and thrown, the wrist blades, and the wrist gauntlet. Upon death, he operates the gauntlet which has a countdown to detonation just like in the movies. He does have 10K health. I’ve adjusting him down to 100, just like a player. If you get a pistol and score a headshot, he dies immediately. As for the invisibility aspect, he is invisible for 30-45 seconds at a time becoming visible for 1-3 seconds.

I have a second boss coded but not in the game. This boss is completely visible and has a very special boss sword. I have to redo the code a little bit to use the NPC library code instead of just the code on the boss itself.

The eventual plan is to have a random NPC spawn somewhere on the map during the round. The spawn locations are unique for each map. If the players manage to kill the NPC, cash and experience are awarded proportionally to the amount of damage that player dealt to the NPC. For player on player kills, the experience and case awarded are based on the different of levels between the two players. If a low level player kills a higher level player, the reward is bigger. If a high level player kills a low level player, the reward is smaller. If the level is too low, then there is no reward.