Alpha Test "Pellets"

I made this game in a quick 30 minutes, the objective is to grab all the pellets without dying and make it to the exit. Their are 3 ghost, all with no special powers; no special pellets too. Please give feedback and read the Description of the game, idk if their are bugs/glitches due to the fact I haven’t tested it with a lot of people. I will continue to try and do bug-fixing.

The game has a one-of-a-kind idea, which makes it stand out from others. I’d recommend changing the thumbnail due to the picture of the game being different from in-game, I’d recommend getting a custom thumbnail that’s not too complex. The description should be longer, explaining the game with more detail.

But other than that, the game has a really good tone to it and it sounds interesting to see what this game can turn into.

Good work.

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