Alphine Dentist Staff Handbook

Welcome to Aplhine Dentist Staff Handbook!

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Staff and Customer Rules


1. Do not break the Roblox ToS - Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service. It has a lot of rules that apply to all games throughout roblox. View the Roblox ToS here.
2. Follow the Roblox Community Rules - These are also to be followed in every game in Roblox. View the Roblox community guidelines here.
3. Do not exploit - Exploiting will result in a permanent ban. Simply put, don’t do it.
4. Be tolerative - Tolerate other people: their religion, race, etc.
5. Do not spam - You will be kicked instantly. It is where you say the same thing 3 times. Don’t spam. This includes talking nonsense or long sentences of randomness.
6. The moderator’s decision is final - Do not go at a moderator for their decision.
7. Do not use caps lock. - Just don’t.
8. Don’t random kick (RK) / random ban (RB) - Random kicking is the act of kicking someone for no reason at all or just because you want to. We allow kicking people for max warnings, but only under the condition that they have max warnings.: 1. Exploiting (report them), 2. Also RKing/RBing (also report them).
9. Do not abuse admin
10. No spamming / inappropriate content anywhere.


Before you do anything, make sure you post a group shout.

Wait for 5+ people to join, then begin.


[HOST] Welcome to our training! Hope you all good. Today I am joined with my co - host (s) [USERNAME] [USERNAME]

[HOST] Let’s begin with the rules.
[HOST] 1) Do what your trainer says.
[HOST] 2) Be respectful, and think what you do before you do somthing.
[HOST] 3) Have fun!

[Give co - host 1 a group, and co - host 2 the other group.]

How to know if they should be promted:

  1. They MUST have VERY GOOD grammar.
  2. They MUST be VERY polite.
  3. They MUST try to control situations in a good, fast way.
  4. They MUST be able to get the paient treated VERY fast.
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