Alpine Public Handbook


:mountain_snow: Welcome to Alpine. Alpine is a cabin/lodge themed restaurant taken place on the beautiful snowy mountains. We offer a variety of different hot drinks and foods to stay all cozy and warm on a brisk winter day. Enjoy a day of snow, hiking, and mountain activities around our restaurant! Our priority and promise is to make all welcome and invited to make sure you have the best coziest experience.

πŸ‘† Help

  1. Be respectful. This is our biggest rule here at Alpine because we want everyone to be treated fairly and equally.
  2. No exploiting/hacking
  3. No trolling as a staff member or customer
  4. Using all caps when speaking. Caps here in there is permitted but in full sentences over and over is strictly prohibited
  5. No advertising any other games, groups, clothing, etc.
  6. No bullying
  7. No bypassing the chat system
Hiring Details

We are always looking for new members to join our team! Follow the steps below.

  1. Join our group.
  2. Go to the application center and apply as a β€˜Trainee’
  3. Attend a training for roles as your career
Staff Help, Q&A


Q - Can you transfer my rank to another account of mine?
a - No. transferring ranks is not allowed here. You must go through the process of achieving your
rank again.

Q - I have safechat, am I allowed on the team?
a - Of course! We allow anyone on our LR staff team. However if you choose to apply for MR+ you must have safechat disabled on your account and of the age of 13+.

Q - When are trainings?
a - Trainings are found in this handbook and on the Training Center games page.

Q - I need help with something, where can I go?
a - This handbook shows all possible information of this group. Any further messages may be sent out to an Assistant Manager+.

Not everything you were looking for on the Q&A? Message us what we should add!

Saff Help & Information

Promotion Guide

Promotions are given out based on Trainings. Although instead of rushing through trainings you are required to have a certain amount of points before training again.

Trainee - Junior Staff (Must attend a training and pass)
Junior Staff - Staff Member (Must attend a staff training and pass)
Staff Member - Senior Staff (Senior Staff Training and pass)
Senior Staff - Skilled Staff (Final training to show your mastery of serving customers)