ALRCF | Achelois [ dev log }

I am making this game called ALRCF | Achelois or ALRCF standing for Armed Logistics Research Containment Facility and I have a bunch of stuff to show you. Feedback is recommended for this build.

Front Entrance of the game

Front Entrance Part 2, Lane A & B

Front Entrance Part 3, Tramline system.

The tramline uses a simple cframe and tween system so yeah.
The style of this build is ment to be cavern like, while keeping a modern industrial style ig? while still trying to keep an SCP vibe. The game is public on my profile for more indepth lookat.


I didn’t expect to see something like this, I would give it a maximum grade, they are very good, I think the stronger atmosphere would be better

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Very nice its hard to make bigger maps with such detail!

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Added a bit more stuff for the entrance and added a new zone.

Gonna add more to this soon but for now im making the base for it.

Also got a bunch of billboards im gonna use soon.

made this messy diagram of a prototype of what the game could look like.

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this game is also a remastered version of its predecessor, NEP-SITE-61 which can be played here ig:

It looks nice! Love the vibes and the color atmosphere you went with, it looks very nice.

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Added a bit more to the entrance and I have the administration hall almost done.

the wip control room

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btw the flags are not mine fyi

here you guys go for a more indepth map incase if u wanna add/remove or give feedback to it

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Update, 8/29/22

im now working on cdcz

Briefing room A

Briefing room B


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about possibly atleast around 20% of the facility is done. I have just started to work on con C which will hold the euclid/keter scps like 002, 035 and others similar like that. CDCZ is also almost done. I plan for this game to be somewhat unique, diverse and flexible.

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9/5/22 update

lighting update and some map revamps

lil teasers for u guys

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