Alt Detection System (Can you bypass it?)

Hello, I’ve recently invested about a day into developing an algorithm to detect if your account is fake or real. If you have the time may you please test the game, open up F9 and you’ll get a message in the following format: Real/Fake || % Confidence

For example; A real account: Real || 55% Confidence
Another example; A fake account: Fake || 100% Confidence
The confidence is how confident you’re a real or a fake account. Or in other words, Cool dev things I use to measure my own tests, So just try and ignore 'em :wave:

Warning; This isn’t an AntiCheat. It’s a plugin for an awesome Game-Framework i’m creating for easily deploying and developing games with Rojo and Studio.

Oh, And if you are kind enough to share with me your results! It’ll help me train the system more :wave:

  • Accurate
  • In-Accurate

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Thank you everyone! This project is going to be shut down and i’ll focus on a different thing. Thanks for the information it helped out alot!


How exactly does this work? It sounds hard to make one that’s accurate.

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Hold on, this doesn’t seem quite right…

I’m confused, I thought the percentage was the confidence it had in my account not being an alt? I read it as:

“Real: 28%”
“Alt: 72%”

Also, I got 28% while the example you gave was 55%, it doesn’t seem right to me that the system thinks I have a higher chance of being an alt than a main account.

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Hey so, Please ignore the Confidence It was mainly just to see if my system was guessing it correctly, on a scale which isn’t shown (-100% to 100%) -100% being ALT and 100% being Real.

Aside from that, I removed the Confidence because it was confusing people. :eyes:
Thank you for testing it out though!

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This reminds me of a similar function I have in my game framework that takes in a formatted array of data (usually info about specific blacklisted users) and evaluates a target player for potential threats (takes into consideration factors such as account age similarity, physical location, username/display name, memberships etc.).

Edit: Could probably also examine the player’s avatar to see if it’s default/simple.

I tried using another account of mine, but it’s not printing anything?

Also, I just updated it. Sorry some weird promise was causing some problems.
Remember that this isn’t perfect. I created this yesterday so this is like my first public test! :wave:



This is quite an interesting idea, and seems to work well by my testing. I tested it with my main account and two alts: one who claims to be an alt in his description and one who does not. I’m curious to learn more about exactly how this works.

Hey, Thats awesome news to here! I’ve been trying to create something reliable and it’s good to know it works. :smiley:

Also, I’d rather keep this code proprietary to my framework because it is efficient, eventually once I find no more use for it or I believe it will help people, i’ll move on and release my anticheat for my framework, having this bundled in it as well! :smiley:

This makes very little sense. What factors are you using to calculate the likeliness of an account being an alt? Being an alt isn’t just how old the account is (which I presume is a factor your considering since it’s the most common factor). Players can have alts that are months or years old.

If account age isn’t a primary factor, then what is??? I’m not aware of any other reliable factors you can test for. This seems unlikely to be reliable or fake altogether.

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Well. I’m not sure what to say? I don’t exactly want to expose my methods, but if this accounts to somehow me faking it being true/false then please try the game, i’d be happy for you to experiment with it as much as you like!

Create a new account even, You’ll see the results don’t change and are varied based on the account that joined!


But from some testing I did, it seems like what the player wears plays a big factor in whether the account is an alt or not.

Main account with no purchased accessories:

Main account with one purchased accessory:

This doesn’t seem like a very good way of determining whether an account is actually an alt or not.


Yeah, assuming this is how this system works, the ROBLOX account would get flagged as a fake player.

Thanks! This is quite useful information.

~ I am doing a lot more than calculating what the player is wearing, but for some reason you voided the other methods and it came off looking all round bad. Your confidence score was about -12%

(confidence between -100% and 100%, You got -12%) Negative meaning alt.

I’m trying to implement more methods to hopefully be more friendly to users who have base items.

Wouldn’t recommend using any form of ‘alt detection’. No matter how you measure it there will always be an inaccuracy as many users have commented/replied below. It’s a nice idea but until Roblox adds some sort of private key that is linked to HWIDs or IPs that is accessible by the vanilla client and server, alt detections that are more than 90% accurate are impossible. (rough estimate on that 90%)

Yeah. I agree, These methods are unreliable to an extent. However, these methods also shouldn’t ever be used unless the suspected individual is already doing something which catches the attention of the server.
For example; If a player is speed hacking, you might run this function just to see if it comes back as some sort of validation.
Or logging, you might run this function to give an estimate if a player is an alt, when uploading it to an offsite party like Discord or Guilded.

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