Alt+Click with Mouse Selection Box

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard edit models when they’re grouped, and currently the only way to select multiple parts inside a grouped model is to hold Alt and Control and select each part individually. It’d be quite convenient if when you pressed Alt+RMB Click and held down your mouse to bring up the selection box, that it could select all parts in the model you have selected and not just parts that are in workspace.

The main issue with having to hold Alt and Ctrl to select parts in a model is that if you have a large group of parts and you’re trying to move only a certain part of it, clicking each and every part is tedious, and if you forget a couple parts when you move the parts you had selected, then hit Ctrl + Z to undo what you had moved then it deselects all the parts, resulting in you having to do it again.

Example of what you currently have to do:

Example of feature (would select all parts as long as you’re holding Alt)