Alter selected Attachment visuals to be more cohesive to the axis info

Right now it’s difficult to remember how an attachment is oriented due to how they appear when selected.

Here’s an attachment right now:

I think it would be better if the orange arrow (representing local up vector) was made into a small line segment and was recolored to be green, the yellow arrow (representing the local right vector) was made into a small line segment and is recolored to be red, and if a third, slightly larger blue arrow were added to represent the forward/look vector.

Here’s an image of what I think attachments should look like:

I use attachments for marking locations in local space of an object e.g. camera attachment points for NPCs’ dialog cameras. It’s always awkward trying to rotate them when I’m going off of the right and up vectors to position it.

It took me a while to get used to the appearance of attachments and I think it’s kind of awkward since orange and yellow aren’t descriptive of the axis those arrows are on. I had initially thought the yellow arrow was the front vector and orange was up because the yellow was the brightest color, and generally the vector that matters the most for directional things is the forward vector.