Alternative of api.roblox get-universe-containing-place to retrieve the games UniverseId?

Previously I used api.roblox and get-universe-containing-place to retrieve the UniverseId of a an experience within a live server:


This will soon be removed though:

I explored games.roblox and multiget-place-details


… however receive the following error:


How can I fix this?

You need to authenticate with a roblosecurity cookie.

you are not allowed to get the universeId of a game, you can only access it trough your browser using (proxies dont work)

You can, using

I’m looking for an alternative as this is soon-to-be deprecated. We use various test places so we need to retrieve the UniverseId in-game to scale effectively.

Im very sure that you cant access using https, since it will trust check fail.

These calls are made via our proxy. The top example has been working fine for years for instance. I’m now looking for an alternate method now that api.roblox is deprecated.

Are you trying to get the Universe ID of the current running place, or some other place ID?

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Within game servers and retrieving its UniverseId via a Script, so the current running place.

In an ideal world there would be a data model property like game.UniverseId, similar to game.PlaceId.

Have you considered using game.GameId instead? This should return the UniverseId of the current running game server.


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