Alternative R6 Animations

Alternatives to default roblox anims

How to save animations to Roblox

open the place listed above and navigate to the “–ANIMATIONS–” folder, right click one of the animations, click save to Roblox and name it something, repeat this for every animation.
You can do whatever you want with them (give credit)


Walking animation is odd looking, generally any R6 walk animation that raises the legs above the waist like that instead of just doing something like the normal “swinging” motion just looks very weird.
Just my personal opinion…


woah I broke my hands while climbing guysd!


Stop replying to this post. My opinion still stands, but I’ve retracted it from the thread.

why did you feel the need to be rude for no reason? i personally quite like these animations, and he put effort into them


Though this is a true fact, I do appreciate how he has made it and I really have to say, it does look fine as it is, it has a nice cool way

Ok, we don’t need you to talk about it if doesn’t much qualify some people’s styles, this world ain’t one-way sided. :slight_smile:

I work under special requirements of animation so these smooth animations ain’t welcome by me, especially since sprinting looks quite a bit too off.

Though his almost fit the quota I require so I will kind of move his up by a bit.


dude, you have absolutely no reason to be mean. He put a lot of effort into these animations. You do not have to use these animations if you dont want to/dont like them. Please dont be mean for no reason.

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Few changes to the jump animation (don’t know why I made the old one like that lol)

new left, old right

In game


The walk looks a little odd, but other than that I like it! I think maybe the torso is too low on the walk

Agreed with I think maybe the torso is too low on the walk
It more looks like me when i walk tbh. All curved and flexable

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I don’t understand why you really have to be rude about the animations. I understand that you think is bad or something. But he put a lot of effort for the animation to be his type of his style. :neutral_face:


bookmarking this for later, looks awesome!

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Dude, your not funny, please be nice to everyone in the thread. :slight_smile:

Okay? But your not the owner of this thread…

Who said I was trying to be funny?

The jump and fall animations look really good!

I’ll give him that, they do look pretty good.

updated climb and walk

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It wouldn’t be bad if there was an antmation of running

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Good work! Really have done much here!