Alternative to blood?

For a game to be featured on Xbox on Roblox the guidelines state that your game cannot have any blood or gore.

To make combat more satisfying, when a player hits an enemy, blood particles fly out. What is an alternative I can do so that the game will be accepted?


Some alternatives to blood I personally use are hitmarkers and shake the screen when hit. Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives to using blood. Perhaps you could implement a setting which disables blood, but make sure the actual blood is light. Good luck!

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i recommend using china’s censorship method; it’s very easy, just change the blood color to white.


That’s going to be hella cursed.

Maybe you can use particles of dust when a player gets hit.


The guidelines also say that there shouldn’t be any in-game chat? I’m confused, does it mean that the default Rolbox chat should be removed too?

Seriously, what if you just made any blood/gore a different colour?


No, don’t. Such examples ass chainsaw man, where the character drinks blood become very NSFW. If anything, make the color blue or black. NOT WHITE.


How about sweat instead of blood? They are both liquids and the only big difference is the color
Or you can probably get some ideas from smash bros. In that game, although there’s no blood, they use many effects to make combat satisfying.

make the soul of a player come out of the player when hit

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Try to make it like some yellow-ish dust…

For instance: Subnautica

I’ve watched enough anime to know that’s a bad idea


Most of the commenters suggest that you can/should “Change color” and yeah this works but i have another idea you can change Particle > Smoke and its color, like in game called: The Wild West by Starboard Studios development team.

If your game has some kind of blood effect / damage effect as UI in your game you can change its color too or use ColorCorrection to add some kind of effect like in the game called Criminality by RVVZ and his development team. in this game there is an effect that activates when you get hit by the head with a melee weapon.

Or simply add a button that activates/deactivates the blood/gore.

I hope this helps you out. Stay safe :white_check_mark:

Alternatives to Blood?
There are some good ways to keep blood but in a different way such as Changing the colour or particle Emitter. If you wanted to change the colours of the blood. You can try a bluish colour or a yellow colour and definitely not white due to the NSFW part of it.
How about particle emitters
There are particles such as dust, probably smoke or just literal custom shape particle emitter. These would be great but dust may actually be within the gore section (Unless you change its colour). Custom particle emitters are great as it gives an cartoon
No blood but still something when you get hit
You can try screen shakes, making the screen change colour or become darker. Hitmarkers are great. A part where it tells you how much you damaged the player or they just got damaged.

make everyone a stuffed animal and have fluff come out
or robots and do oil
or cartoons and do ink
or make the blood multicoloured and say its paintball

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Very… very bad idea.
Do anything, but don’t do that white
Just please. don’t do that.

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You should try using vomit :rofl: but if you can’t use blood then why don’t take inspiration from old cartoons? They hid violence very much well.

Why have only one color? What’s more satisfying than rainbow confetti? :wink:

Instead of blood, you could have:

  • A wince/flinch animation when the other player is hit
  • A brief red highlight on the hit player (like minecraft, depends on your game’s style)
  • A change in the crosshair color or texture
  • Ray particles coming out of the other player based on damage and respond to proceeding hits (depends on your game’s style)
  • A colored vignette effect
  • Slight springing of the field of view or camera distance
  • Very slight camera shake

Try using ketchup. Ketchup always works.

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Ketchup is the same colour as Blood so…

what about those vector reaction graphics?


creds to google