Alternative to Character Creator?


Hey! First of all, I have no idea if this is the correct channel to post this question in, if it isn’t please tell me which channel I should post in instead.

So, I was wondering if there’s another plugin that works like Character Creator? The reason I want to use another plugin is because I’m trying to rig a model with over hundred parts. With Character Creator, I can only select one part at a time to bind. That does not only take forever, but it’s also extremely boring (obviously).


I don’t know of any plugin that makes this process easier, but I am curious why you have a rig that’s over 100 parts. That’s a lot of moving pieces and not at all kind to performance unless absolutely necessary.

What other alternatives have you tried that didn’t work? Did you trying using Unions or MeshParts for any bulky areas to reduce the amount of separate pieces?


Most of the parts in the rig moves, such as legs, toes, feet, eyes and head. I have unioned all parts that won’t move, which in total makes it 101 parts.


I’ve used this plugin a few times:
Guide: New Plugin: RigEdit - Create and edit animation rigs!

For the parts that don’t move, you should use a plugin that can weld a model to a part so that you can select all the parts attached to that one joint, and weld it to it.


Hi, as @B_rcode suggested, RigEdit supports creating welds/joints between multiple parts. You can also edit multiple joints simultaneously using it.

Let me know if there’s anything preventing this from working for you! :slight_smile:


Just a question, could you maybe show a picture of what you’re trying to rig?


Thank you so much! This plugin is gold.


By the way, you can just weld the parts that don’t move - and rig the base! Rather than rigging all the parts together.

Hope this helps, unless if you want them all to move!