Alternatives to persistent bases?

I love survival games that involve building bases. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Roblox and its servers, we cannot have persistent bases. Are there any other mechanics that you think could replace the base building aspect?

What about you gather the resources and build your base like you would, but when you leave you’re able to deconstruct it and save the parts/materials used to build the base and keep that on you until you rejoin a new server? That way you have a “base,” you just need to rebuild it. Or maybe some sort of “pocket base” that you can construct and deconstruct as one item. So instead of modular bases like Rust, you have full “bases” similar to how DayZ Origins used to be (sorry, can’t think of any other examples.).

I am interested to hear all of the ways you all have come up with to still allow players to build bases without them having to regrind every time they leave and rejoin the server.

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You could just save the parts in the base. Save their CFrames, so you know their position and rotation. You don’t need to make some new system. No offense.

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I have thought about this but there were some things I was concerned about, such as if there is already a base down in the same spot as the new player that just joined. Of course I could just make it first come first serve, but again I’d need some system to allow the players to have their stuff back.

The best option in my opinion would just be to save what the player built, all of the objects they placed and walls etc and then allow them to place it somewhere like you described.

You also may want to consider letting the player have to place their base before spawning in, as more complicated modular bases may take a while to find a good place to fit, and I could see it being pretty frustrating to get killed by something trying to find a place where you’re base can go in.

(also, i’d recommend saving the positions and types of objects in the base, not every part as that’s wasteful)

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  • Islands. A custom island, Hence you can load up update it when you need to.

  • Host server, Have a server that can show all avaliable game servers and their connections. A player can spawn back when needed.

  • Special Servers: Servers a player can save and load via ingame menu. Whoosh this is alot of data. Be able to save it and update it in an optimized way.