Altitude Counter

Hello, if you have ever played Steep Steps, you would know that they have an altitude counter in studs and meters. I am trying to replicate that but I don’t really know how. Any ideas that could help me? Thanks.

Character:GetPivot().Position.Y does it

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But then how would I convert it into meters?

Make a script taht checks how high anything you need is on the Y axis, and if you need take away or add numbers, and in case convert it to meters if needed, something like this:

while true do
HumanoidRootPart.Position.CFrame.Y —this should be the one if I’m not wrong

1 stud is equal to 0.28 meters

Do the stud value * 0.28

Head height - player height (normal character height is 4 studs) and then multiply by 0.28 to convert to meters.

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