Always being logged out when closing browser

Today I’ve noticed every time I quit / reload safari on my phone, that I get logged out of the dev forum and need to re sign back in. This hasn’t happened to me before today and can be quite annoying.

To further prove this, I logged out and back in 5 times just now with closing safari, and every time I was asked to re sign back in. I haven’t seen this happen on my computer though, just mobile.

I am using an IPhone 6s with iOS 14 if that helps with anything.

Is this happening at ? If so you might want to report the bug there as it could be an issue on their end and not just here

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Did you block cookies of DevForum? Because if you want to stay logged in you will need to enable cookies for devforum.

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iOS 14 introduces some new privacy features and restrictions, which could be related to this issue. You might want to check your iOS/browser settings and see if it is blocking or removing Discourse cookies when you close the browser app.


I’m thinking this could be it, as I see it happening with other discourse forums.

Edit: I have cookies on my phone enabled, and they arent being blocked. Ive also tried a few times by disabling prevent tracking temporarily without any success. This has also started happening just yesterday to me and I haven’t adjusted any settings before hand.

I have the same exact iPhone as you, make sure you are not in private mode on safari, if you are, every time you reload, it will log you out. I’ve been having the same exact problem recently, and it was because of a silly mistake.