AlwaysOnTop toggle changes how SurfaceGUIs are aliased

SurfaceGui.AlwaysOnTop = true

SurfaceGui.AlwaysOnTop = false

Having it off gets it Aliased, which looks so much better, but it doesn’t work in my scenario so I have to disable it :frowning: Can you please make it so that no matter how AlwaysOnTop is configured the SurfaceGUI will always be aliased?

While this would be an awesome addition… Have you considered dynamically switching it?

i.e. grab the four corners of the GUI in world space and make sure all of them can be seen by the camera. If so, AlwaysOnTop.

Might be a tad performance intensive though to be checking it often.

I have gun mesh hitboxes covering the GUI. AlwaysOnTop let’s me click through the invisible hitboxes.