Alxxithymia’s Clothing Portfolio OUTDATED

About Me

Hello! My name is Haley and I am a roblox clothing designer. My style of clothing can fit any style, whether you like “grunge” or even “aesthetic”, I can make it. I’ve been a designing clothes for about two to three months now. I cannot design any clothing that has a jean texture, detailed shoes (I can do basic shoes like in my examples), and I am not the best at making male clothing, so please ask me before deciding. I can create the clothing in one of two ways.

The first way is, I make the clothing(s) you want, then I add them to my group PastelFairyz, for you to buy.

The second way is, I make the clothing, you pay half the amount through group funds only, and then I send you the files, and then you pay the rest.


You can view my clothing here:

Pictured below are some screenshots I took that showcase my work! I don’t have the templates as of right now.


I am available Monday through Fridays, from 3:00pm to 8:00 pm (CDT). I am not available on the weekends, I am only available throughout the weekdays. If you need to contact me for any questions or anything regarding something, feel free to contact me.


My payment is through group funds (robux). I do not accept any other payment. Prices do vary, as these prices are no longer accurate.

Shirts: 10-15 robux each

Pants (No Jeans): 10 robux each

Skirts: 10-15 robux each

Dresses: 10-20 robux each

Shorts: 5-8 robux each (No Jean Shorts)

Simple Shoes included: 5 robux each


Questions/or concerns? Feel free to contact me on here, Devforum, or contact me on Roblox.

Roblox username: alxxithymia

Thank you so much for reading!

Hello! I would like to hire you.
Do you have Discord? That would be easier to contact you on.

Hello, so sorry for the late response. Been busy lol. But if you’re interested still, my discord is Hay#0392