Am I allowed to alter the robux logo to fit my games theme?

I could not find anything on this on here. But I was wondering is it okay to alter the robux logo? Such as making it in a different font or a different color, but make it obvious that the price is “robux”.

I wanted to ask here before doing this to be on the safe side so I don’t get any strikes against my account or anything. I do remember however its not okay to alter the Roblox logo Unless this has changed. So again, this just raises the question again, is it okay to alter the robux logo.

Explanation Edit: Basically, i’m having a gamepass shop in my game, and I wanted to put the price of how much robux it costs next to the gamepass. But again, unsure if i can alter and change the logo.

You won’t get a strike for using the Roblox logo differently. If I remember correctly, there was a thread that explained the basic ‘guidelines’ of using it, and it clearly said that the guidelines aren’t meant to ‘police’ people around, but rather to keep things formal and increases your chance of being promoted or something. I’d assume the same with Robux and other icons.


So basically, I will be fine as long as I do not add some weird or wacky design to it.

There are some contradictions on this thread insofar that you’ve switched back and forth between “Robux logo” and “Roblox logo.” I recommend clarifying this and organising the original post better so that it can’t be so easily confusing for readers (at least as it was to me).

Firstly, the rules concerning the use of the Roblox logo are also shown here. It details that you are able to use the logo so long as it follows the conditions mentioned, including but not limited to it being clear that you are not advertising a false knock-off of Roblox, that you are creating brand confusion, etc.

Regarding Robux, yes, you would be able to use its symbol, and I imagine this would fall under the same category of:

You are allowed to re-size the logo as long as you do not modify the proportions. But otherwise, you cannot modify the logo design in any way.
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Sorry for the confusion. I only brought up the roblox logo cause I remembered you weren’t allowed to alter it a lot. So I thought the same would apply for the robux logo. if that makes any sense, again, sorry if it does not

But thank you for clearing this up for me. I do appreciate it.

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