Am I allowed to delete players data if they exploit?

Greetings! I am currently scripting data systems, and I am wondering if it would be ok to add a BindableEvent in my game to delete the exploiters data if detected. When Bloxy Kart v4.0 updates, I will also update the Terms of Service, and mention that “We have the rights to delete anyones data without consent if detected exploiting.”

I want to make sure this still abides by Roblox’s terms of Service before implementing the system.

This would be 2nd harshest punishment in game besides permanent game ban.

Thanks in advance!


Dragon Ball z final stand does that so it should be fine

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Hey, can you send me the link to the game? I am not finding it.

I’m pretty sure you can. I wouldn’t see why not. Cheating is against Roblox’s TOS anyways.


Your game must comply with roblox’s tos and not apple’s, also I know games that do this for example tower of hell

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DBZ Final Stand - Roblox

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Yeah I know my game must comply with Roblox’s TOS. Where did you get Apple from?

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Here you mentioned that you want it to abide to apple’s tos

Uh lol! :joy:
Funny typo! I meant to put Roblox lol.

Must have been thinking about how excited I was about WWDC when I was making this post.

Thanks for mentioning.

Fixing now.

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Yes you do, but here’s the thing, only ban hackers and exploiters, don’t care about the racists or trollers, if you ban them too strictly you might build community hate and that will result badly (ex. Dislike Botting)

However, the game is a bit too retro ngl, the cart physics and maps are all a bit like 2010 ones ;-;

This punishment will be held if the player fires Data Saving RemoteEvents without them knowing what they do.

Don’t worry. In the next update, I have overhauled the kart a lot. Not sure when the next DevForum Beta would be, and I only have 1 person testing everything at the moment. Whats most likely to come next is the Build Mode tech demo, which will feature the karts.

If you want, I can message you when this tech demo is ready.


I know this is a late response and already solved. But yes, you can, if they exploit your game in any way you may ban and wipe their progress.