Am I allowed to disable chat filter in private servers?

Hello! Please let me know if I put this topic in a wrong category and where to put it instead.
As the title says, I wanted to know if it was okay to remove the chat filter in private servers because I believe it is unnecessary. Considering that people create and use private servers to play games with only their friends or trusted people, I thought the filter would just get in the way of communicating with them. Since should not be any strangers in the private server, I believe there are no problems with removing the chat filter in private servers.
Please let me know what you think!

Disabling the chat filter, whether or not it’s in a private server, is not allowed and your game would most likely be moderated if a player was to report it or Roblox automatically detected that you weren’t filtering the text in the code.


Not at all that would get your game banned anyways, Roblox is serious about the chat filters and doesnt want anyone messing with their chat filters unless you’ re adding blacklisted words or removing words that aren’ t swears. Same with custom chats that don’ t fire .Chatted so that they won’ t get banned for anything they say.

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