Am I allowed to donate Robux to people for helping me?

For example, I want someone to help me with something on Discord and in-exchange I offer someone Robux and pay them out via group payout system. Would this violate the rule below?

Inappropriate use of the group payout system, including offering payment in Robux for acting as a model for assets, joining groups, referring members, or role-playing in experiences.

  1. Nobody is acting as a model for assets in-exchange for Roblox
  2. Nobody is joining a group solely for Robux
  3. I am not reffering any members
  4. I am not offering Robux for role-playing

Therefore, I do not see this as violation of this rule, but I am still concerned, because it is unclear what classifies as “Inappropriate use of the group payout system” besides the 4 listed scenarios.

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Plenty of YouTubers giveaway robux and they don’t get warned so you are probably allowed to donate Robux via your group.

This looks like a commissioned job, so it should be allowed. What exactly is the person helping you with?

Project outside of Roblox, I just feel like giving them something in return for their help, and since I am not 18 yet, I don’t have any way to pay someone online or buy them a gift with real currency.

Yeah you’re all good then. Pay away! :sunglasses:

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