Am I allowed to have access to someone's account if they allow me to do so?

Hey there.

So for context, someone allowed me to take the ownership of an account they don’t want anymore. But I am wondering, am I allowed to take the account they don’t want, or I cannot, even if I got permission from the original owner.

(Plus, is it even possible for the account to get it’s password changed?)

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they are quite literally allowing you to have it. they gave you permission, so you can do whatever you want with it. im a bit confused why you are asking this. and yeah im pretty sure you can change the password.

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If they gave it to you, yes, you can do whatever you like

Selling the account is a different matter

Selling an account is against Terms of Service (2.c), but what you’re describing isn’t particularly against the Terms of Service, it’s just not condoned or advised by Roblox for obvious reasons. I don’t think Roblox would know any better if you didn’t bring it up yourself regardless. If they consent to you being in their account then obviously you can be in it.

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I wasn’t really plan on selling the account, I only just wanted the account to mess around with (Changing the avatar, adding a display name, and so on, but not hacking, I would never.)

Hey, btw, how can I change the password for the account?

go to settings, account info, and it will show the info of the account and one of the things is password, click on the paper and pencil thing (i think?) and change it.

As @tastybrekfast said, you go to settings>account info, and find the passcode editor. I presume you’ve already done this, but in the case that you haven’t, you’ll need the old passcode along with the new one.

But the original owner doesn’t know his password, so do I need to contact Roblox support, or is there some really hacky way of accessing the account?

If the account is verified to an e-mail or phone number, you can request a change of password through either one of those verified connections through the ROBLOX log-in screen.

You should be able to do this, like @lemny said. If you can’t do that for some reason (like if they didn’t connect a phone number or email), you should probably contact Roblox.