Am I allowed to make a game off an anime?

I’ve been working on a game based off the anime “Bleach” for a while now and I don’t want it getting copyright infringed.

A lot of front page games and games on roblox are based off animes like JOJO and naruto, dragonball etc. So is it alright to make games off anime and shows? Thanks


No, because you would be making money off of someone else’s IP. Even if you don’t sell anything, you’re forced to make money anyways due to premium payouts.

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Well, even if you do the chances of you getting caught is pretty low unless it becomes like SL2.

I’m pretty sure you can if you like change up some aspects of it and don’t make it completely the same as bleach. The references need to be very low and you will need to come up with some of your own ideas.


Anime game often get removed because they became too popular and they depend too much on non owned content like Pokemon Brick Bronze and SL2, but easiest way to pass the copyright strike is that changing the color of weapons, auras and names. But those are not as important because they are most likely to targeted ingame Character, like if you put an NPC named Ichigo for example, the game became higher risked of copyrighted strike. But you shouldn’t worry much even if u have a sword named Zangetsu in ur game.

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Legally? No.

However, if you were instead to create an anime-styled game inspired by a particular anime instead of directly basing it off of said anime, it would be okay (I’m 99% sure). Of course, there are still many front-page anime games based almost directly off of certain anime, but it’s most likely either because they have no references to the original source material or the creators of those anime haven’t taken notice.