Am i allowed to make an unoffical concert?

This will contain of course, non-copyrighted music, remixs (that fit the song well)

Or live recordings, that arent copyrighted.

But is this allowed, of course there are no free items, and it’ll be simular to the lil nas x concert

edit: heres an poll

Are concerts allowed?
  • Yes
  • No

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(custom concerts that are unoffical)

edit 2: since people probably wanna know what concert im doing, its an Rick Astley concert.


Also if you see this post, can you reply with an in-depth or just an casual explanation if this is allowed or not if its not marked as offical?, also if you pick no tell me why.

I don’t see why this would not be allowed. If a song has been approved by a moderator, then you can use it in your games freely

I see no problems with this. As long as you maybe dont recreate already existing concerts, use copyright free music, and say something like “unofficial”, you should be good.

I was actually thinking about making a small concert as the twenty one pilots concert was awesome.

Good luck!

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yeah, thanks, i’m currently having trouble on animating my rick astley model i’ve legit tried everything nothing works

If your animating something thats not roblox’s r6 or r15 characters it might not work in studio. You might need to use something like blender. Correct me if im wrong though.

it uses mixamo animations, etc if you want to help you can go to this post to avoid clutter,

(also its rigged, set it on r15, r6 didnt work, animations exported, correct animations, etc.)

I don’t see any problem with making your own little concert game. If it’s just for fun go ahead and put your creativity into it. Do what you want, just don’t do anything bad obviously (which I suppose wont happen).
It’s like me making a maze game when there’s tons of other maze games out there. Just don’t copy stuff and claim it as yours, ye common sense stuff.

Yeah, but its not like people would think i made never gonna give you up

If you are worry about being copyrighted from roblox, chances of that actually happening are very low, not impossible, because if the song is in roblox technically you can’t get copyrighted for it. unless you uploaded the audio/music and roblox detects that you are copyrighting. Just use any song, no one’s really going to care about whose music is being used (referring to kids), is it bad to use songs that should be copyright? yes but that’s another topic. Just let your creativity run wild.

For what I know Rick Astley has a lot of copyrighted music but if you want to make an unofficial Roblox concert you need the music provider permission, the artist permission, credit them in the description and when the song switches a text on the screen or somewhere that says what song is playing.

Also I almost forgot that you should contact with Roblox to let them know you got permissions to upload the songs to the website (providing proof of course).

Now a suggestion, if the concert is something like NCS songs you just have to do the text saying wich song is playing and credit them in the description.

And if you want to make money out of one of thid things you 100% need permissions even if the music is uncopyrighted.

If you have any questions let me know!

Those songs are so annoying, Tycoon games, Oh YOUR forced to listen to it, i’d pefer an concert with obama remixs then that lol