Am I allowed to publish a module that get information from discord?

Hey! so I wanna know am I able to get user’s guild role, discord username, discord id, discord banner color (etc) on roblox?

I am creating a module that gets discord information through player’s roblox userid and gets roblox information through discord id, even can get user’s guild roles and permissions.

Module is almost done, so before publishing it to community resources am I allowed to do that?

Heres the website (WIP)
I am using glitch as host for now.


- Discord info from roblox user id


- Roblox info from discord user id


  • It is allowed
  • Its not allowed
  • maybe, I am not sure

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You should read discord’s policies, in case you want to display stuff you get from discord avoid that because discord names don’t go through roblox’s filer and username#discriminator is censored by the chat filter. I made something like this (take a look at it to get the idea) a while ago, discord’s policies weren’t very clear and so (without any result) I tried contacting discord’s support and guess what…bot answers so I just kept it online since it wasn’t sharing any data if not presence in a server but since api endpoints exist I’d assume you can.


I’ve tried reading policies i saw nothing related to that, I am only using discord OAuth (most of the website uses to get user information)

I am just worried about roblox seeing the word “discord” and ban my account.

(ohhh your post is same as mine!)

Anyways tysm, ill publish it now.

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