Am I allowed to put this in my game?

Hey there!

So, I’m sorry in advance if this doesn’t belong here (or if I’m allowed to post this on the DevForum), I’m not sure.

Okay, so, if you have seen The Last of Us 2 (or Fallout 4, or maybe even the original Last of Us), you’ll see that you can find notes and writing from characters that add to the story. I’m curious if I can put this type of thing in my game?

It’s supposed to be a man who is talking to his wife in a note. He was being tracked by a group and they found him. In this case, they took him. You’re forced to find his wife, and help keep her safe (since they’re trying to lock her up as well). This is the note he wrote (that you will read):

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t seem to be breaking any rules that I’m aware of. I think you’re fine to put this in your game. Very cool game idea and inspiration :wink:

Thanks! I love watching TLOU2 (I don’t know if I could ever play it, since I love open world games like Fallout), so I decided that I could do something kind of like it. :slight_smile:

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just make sure its readable
especially if its an image.

Even putting in qr codes can get the image oofed (makes sense tho)

Sorry, what do you mean “readable?”

Lets say you did an upload of an edited picture with text
small text can be hard to read making moderation tricky.

Large text can be easily read by mods, less likely to get oofed.
This mostly applies to images you upload though.

With textlabels/similar ones, you should be fine. Though for asthetic, images are the way to go.

Very Cool! I dont see anything bad about. Also it sounds like it has a great story line! Good luck with this project :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, here’s the image in Studio. Curious, do mods see the image in the size it’s uploaded? Or in a small square? Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe maybe in a small square since it gets compressed though I cant be too sure.

Sweet, thanks! Now we just need someone to fully make Fallout 4, am I right? :slight_smile:

Hmm…I guess we’ll see. I hope images don’t add too much to my moderation record (I’ve gotten images sniped before, and I never had anything too serious happen, but I don’t want it to affect DevEx or anything)

You can always appeal them as usual (i didn’t know this until recently so now I just have moderation things :sweat:, but ye). Of course, the appeal has to make sense but you can upload on an alt instead.

Yeah. Alright, thanks for the help! EDIT: It got sniped. :confused: Alright, I’ll try to appeal.

Nothing here would get you moderated, carry on and good luck with your game.

Try splitting it up into smaller and more readable squares. You can just put the images next to each other in the actual game.


Yeah, this is fine from the rules that I know of, nothing here can get you warned or anything of the sort. Good luck with whatever game you’re working on.