Am I allowed to reference a "drug deal" of sorts?

TL:DR Would using a “illegal deal gone wrong” scene as both a tutorial/a storyline starter in a shooter game be allowed?

To add to the detail, I was thinking the 2 parties would exchange 3 bloxy cola bottles for a briefcase of money. Notoriety has been using bloxy cola as an alternative to the similarily-named plant, but in a different context compared to my use case

The things being exchanged doesn’t really change the storyline by much so they can be changed to something similar to a stolen painting for a briefcase of money

But I am asking if the basic idea (a hollywood-style deal gone wrong) would be allowed on roblox

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Well. I wouldn’t, its Roblox moderation.


Be more specific. An ‘illegal deal’ could mean anything. It could mean the sales of narcotics, weapons, even state secrets. To be on the safe side, don’t be ambiguous; be specific. If your game is a shooter, then saying the illegal deal gone wrong was a sale of weapons would be your best bet to avoid moderation.

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Be really careful referencing anything to narcotics or substances (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc). Roblox is very strict on this kind of content being it a friendly for all ages platform. Make sure if you use alternatives it doesn’t link in any way to the actual substance. I am sure if you have a scene where you exchange bloxy cola for money wouldn’t be any issue unless the bloxy cola gives off effects a narcotic would. If you are completely unsure, I would assume emailing developer relations wouldn’t be an issue at all, or just double check the Roblox TOS. I wish you good luck in your future of development and hope this solved your issue! :slight_smile:

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