Am I allowed to save uncensored text to a datastore?

I’ve been working on a game where a player can create multiple different profiles (and name these profiles). The names of these profiles will not be seen by other players, only the player that named it. These profile names would then be saved to a players user id. Will I get in trouble if I don’t go through the effort of censoring these profiles?

I heard that you cannot do this because theoretically you can give a different innocent player the bad players key. Even if I don’t do this, would it still be a punishable offense?

I would assume you can’t, though I thought I’d check in anyways since I couldn’t find any completely clear and credible answers.


As long as the unfiltered text is not being displayed to other players then you should be fine. Build A Boat For Treasure have “save files” which can be named individually without being filtered at all & they’re also saved through datastores.

You SHOULD be saving the unfiltered text in a datastore and filtering it when showing it to other people since the profanity filter is always changing. Also, you’re not required to filter text if nobody but the person who types it will see it.


It might be better to store the unfiltered text and filter it every time it is retrieved from the data store.

Many games will store text using Data Stores. For example, games may store a chat log, or a player’s pet name, etc. In such cases, if the text that is being stored needs to be filtered, it is recommended to filter when retrieving the text. This ensures that the most up-to-date version of the filter is being used.

I can’t find the source but I read somewhere that you should never store filtered text since the filter is constantly being updated and it needs to be applied every time text is shown to players.