Am I currently allowed to to use any UGC for NPCs (as of Sep 27 2023)

With all the new UGC update drama, I am confused about this.

Am I allowed to use any piece of UGC for one of my NPC characters? It would make development so much easier as I don’t want to handcraft UGC.

I really hope it is.


Anyone know the answer to this?

Yes, you are.

If you look at the post about it (which can be found here) they stated that the update will be postponed and rethought.

Plus, the policy mainly targeted avatar creator games, meaning even if the policy did roll out you could still use UGC items on NPCs.

A quick read tells me:

  • The policy would have only applied to accessories put on the player.
  • The policy required a “purchase” button to be visible at all times when items are equipped
  • Any items that are unpurchasable (Offsale, limited etc.) would NOT be allowed to be equipped by the player.

Thank you so much! People have been acting like they wouldn’t be able to put any UGC items on their avatar from the marketplace <3


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