Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update

This is going to destroy a lot lot of games


This update seems highly unnecessary. It will no doubt cripple hundreds, if not thousands of games across the platform. One can understand if it’s strictly for UGC items, but for items created BY Roblox that have/currently are being used in experiences seems a bit too much.

This will most likely open the door for developers to be unfairly moderated at the hands of trolling individuals which will no doubt cause unwarranted moderation action.


I have no words, I am tired.

The removal of 2D faces and our ability to use Roblox items in our game really hurts our development and the choices being made throughout the past few weeks makes me want to move off platform to Godot or another engine.

Roblox had the positives of the ease to access and multiplayer infrastructure, but these past updates and policy changes make it harder and harder to defend the platform when they are clearly not in the best interest for developers and creators alike.

We’re told we’d get more transparency, but we are lied to. These posts always leave more questions than answers and less hope for the prosperity of a career on this platform.

I share the same sentiment as many other developers, being on the platform for 11 years really makes me sad to see the direction this company is going in.

I love Roblox, it’s been a part of my life for half of it, but I’m just numb at seeing a future on this platform, like many others who make this platform what it is today.


We will get this post to 2023 replies and then we will end up where we have exactly been and then we will travel into the future with our 8-year predictions.


This is gonna be my last post on this for now.


Hi everyone,

We value your feedback and concerns. Our intent with this policy is to further ensure that UGC creations are respected and properly used across the platform. We realize that the requirements behind the policy are very nuanced and have a significant impact on experience creators. We sincerely apologize for causing these concerns.

In light of this, we have decided to pause the rollout of the policy. This means that on September 27, you will NOT be subject to moderation for this policy.

As a next step, we will thoroughly consider all your use cases and feedback, and refine the policy as appropriate while respecting creators’ rights. Once we finalize the policy, we will provide ample time to meet its requirements. We promise to keep you updated with any new information in the coming days.

Thank you for your patience. We are committed to learning from this and appreciate your feedback.


Whew - nearly 2000 replies already - guess I’m late to the party.

In all seriousness, I feel that this policy change is, at best, incredibly poorly communicated with the developer community at large - and at worst, downright destructive to a large portion of both legacy and new content on the platform. A large portion of the negative feedback appears to be steming from the unclear and possibly intentionally vague wording of the initial announcement. There have been concerns raised by developers of some extremely long-standing experiences on the platform, such as @Tokaisho (Who’s response to this can be seen here) that this change may impact legacy gear items, classic avatar clothing, and more - things which games developed prior to the reintroduction of mesh uploading heavily relied upon to be able to provide decent visuals at the time. Is it possible that @Roblox can provide us with clarification as to what specific categories of marketplace items are affected by this policy change - and what, if any, Roblox-created avatar items will still be available for developers to use in our experiences?

A second major point of contention appears to revolve around the seeming policy of taking moderation action first before asking if a developer has permissions from an asset’s original creator. As many other developers aside from myself may have realized, such a method of moderation could seriously disrupt and/or jeopardize the livelihoods of developers who make the majority of a large portion of their income on the platform - as even a single day of downtime due to waiting on moderation appeals could easily cost a large game hundreds of players - players who very well may not return - not to mention the direct financial harm caused by such downtime. I seriously hope this section, if nothing else, gets changed - such a policy could allow for bad actors to ruin the livelihoods of their targets with unprecedented ease, and feels like a highly misguided decision to enact.

I’ll update this as I think of more to say - but I eagerly await the follow-up from @Roblox or DevRel regarding what their next step will be. The community has clearly spoken with relatively unprecedented unity in regards to this matter - the ball is now back in Roblox’s court.


Thank God that was actually gonna be insane


I am a bit skeptical about you…
Maybe it could work after all.


here’s the usual corporate response, “we value your feedback” mhm yep.

please revert the change instead of “refining” it.


You guys are taking L after L just listen to us for once for godsake


Thank you. they hear us for 2 seconds…


Well, well, well, here we are, at the crossroads of another Roblox policy debacle. It’s become somewhat of a tradition, hasn’t it? First, there’s the fanfare of a policy announcement, then the ensuing community outrage, and now, the grand proclamation of a pause. It’s like a never-ending cycle of “Roblox: The Soap Opera,” with each episode more confounding than the last.

Let’s not mince words, Roblox, your ability to keep us all guessing is genuinely awe-inspiring. It’s as if you’ve taken the script from a telenovela, injected it with steroids, and handed it to a team of hyperactive lemurs to edit. The drama, suspense, and sheer unpredictability are reminiscent of a Shakespearean tragedy, complete with dramatic soliloquies and tragic misunderstandings.

Now, with the pause button firmly pressed on this policy, it’s akin to suspending disbelief in a sci-fi epic. Will the policy reemerge with a vengeance, like a phoenix rising from the ashes? Will it return with a plot twist so mind-boggling that it leaves us all questioning the very nature of reality? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Roblox knows how to keep us all on the edge of our virtual seats.

In the meantime, we, the mere mortals of the Roblox realm, shall patiently await the next chapter of this saga. We’ll gather around our digital campfires, regaling each other with tales of the great Roblox pause of 2023, a moment in history when the metaverse stood still. It’s like a virtual renaissance painting, capturing the essence of human folly and digital absurdity.

So, here’s to Roblox, the master puppeteers of this grand virtual theater, pulling the strings of our emotions with the finesse of a maestro conducting a symphony of chaos. We salute your ability to confound, bemuse, and bewilder us with each twist and turn. Until the next act of “Roblox: The Never-Ending Drama,” we shall remain, ready to applaud or gasp in astonishment, depending on the plot’s whims.


We have won the battle but by GOD have we not won the war, from this jargon it sounds like they still plan on implementing something like this


At the request of probably everyone, is there a chance this could be postponed indefinitely? Thanks


maybe you should have specified the ‘extremely nuanced’ requirements of the policy in the announcement post

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[Current year] replies and even more and we finally got an update. But this isnt enough I don’t think. It’s getting closer, now!


can’t wait for roblox to lock this and promptly ignore all the feedback and come up with an even worse response talking about how they value the developers and then blatantly disrespecting them anyway. lol


Alrighty, just hope you actually thoroughly review the thread and figure out some better options from the actual feedback. Cause if you don’t, this WILL happen again, so, good luck Roblox. Cause you will need it, I promise.


ruh roh, just dont do this update.