Am I doing too much?

Currently, as you can see below, I have a good amount of ModuleScripts, or as I’ll call them, services.


I basically just have one simple question: Is this too much? I feel like it’s fine, and I’ve done as much as I can for optimization. My game has no issues with lag, delay, etc., so performance seems good. But is it overall good practice to do this? Should I try to convert some services into objects and use more OOP? Should I try to combine some services? Or, am I overthinking it and there’s really no issue?


Yup,its can add even more.but be careful about adding many like 25


It looks good tbh, module count shouldnt matter at all, you could have infinite depending on how many mechanics there are, not sure what it looks like internally but I’m sure switching to OOP for some wont make a massive difference, and something that can be ignored. I’d def say you shouldn’t do it if it isnt needed cause youll waste time and energy, I’ve done this tons of spend most of my time recoding instead of making progress and then burning myself out… Are you using a framework?

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I use Knit for my main framework, then obviously have smaller frameworks via the modules I make.

Just sort them into some folders and all will be good

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i have 42 utility modules in my game at the moment. i think your fine.

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