Am i good to start Doing GFX Commssions? Prices?

Hello, The Name’s Mysterious, I Got Blender 2 Days Ago Btw Its The Old Versio: Blender 2.79

My Main Account: MystWasTaken - Roblox

This Was My Work 3 Hours after having blender

My Work 12 Hours After Having Blender

My Work A Day After Having Blender

My Work 16 Hours Ago

My Work 1 Hour Ago

Am I Good Enough To Start Doing Commissions And If So What Should I Set My Prices As?


Do commissions whenever you feel you are ready. In the meantime though, you just gotta keep on improving. There is always more to learn.


I think this is actually really good, you should start commissions now!


Have Ideas Of What I Should Set My Prices To?

Personally, no. You shouldn’t start a commission before at least a month of working on blender. I have seen many people do commissions every early on, and that has made them not improve as more and not get many commissions.

I agree with @MrMoled and @woofIamadog421, if you feel that you are ready then go for it but take in mind that you can always learn something new and that you should take the time to get used to blender. As for prices, I recommend checking other portfolios and see the prices they charge or charge what you feel is right.

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i understand, but by doing commissions it gives me alot of practice and makes me wanna try my very best, i just got commissioned for a thumbnail and i feel like i succeeded


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Looks great although I do suggest improving the lighting and adding some shading in a few areas so it looks a bit more like a GFX.

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This thumbnail was all edited in Pixlr Lol

I do use pixlr some times and feel that using the “sharpen” tool adds some realism.

I feel like you are prepared enough for smaller commissions, just take your time and find out when you are ready, you can keep sharpening your skills and trying other kinds of GFX’s else it’s really just your own decision.

U Were right, ty, the sharpen tool makes it look alot better MYST

Your welcome :slight_smile:
Maybe practice using all the tools so you get an idea what can work best for future commissions.

Thumbnail is finally finished, thanks man!


Honestly I think you should open commissions when you have at least 2 weeks of experience in blender. 3 days is not enough.

Yeah you have a nice work bro! I love it :slightly_smiling_face:

Fixed some problems about the GFX, and to show how much work i put into this





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