Am I ready for logo commissions? Portfolio In Comments

Hello, the names Jake, I am a digital artist, and I have been drawing logos here lately just for fun, and I’m wondering if I should do commissions, and what to price them at, what do y’all think?



Personally, I think they’re cute! You could get a few sales (depending what the customer wants). While they aren’t truly “professional” in a way, they’re also a bit messy and could use some more details. But yes, I agree you could go around selling them and doing commissions for them. As for prices, it depends how much work and effort you put into the logo.


Alr, yeah ik it’s a bit messy, I made it in 30 mins or less, I will try to make them more professional, Thank You.

I think you are ready for commissions, but you really shouldn’t go over 500 robux until you improve a bit.

Alr, ty man, what do u think I should set the prices as? Like 25-50 or 250-500?

100-500 depending on difficulty should be your price.

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From what I see the logos are low quality, could you upload something that’s better quality?

I Drew them in ibis paint x, and I made those in 10-30 mins, later tonight I will try to redraw them better

Anyone know a better app I can use for logos (FREE APP) i use ibis paint x

Here’s 2 diff versions xDUntitled200_20201105195707

Which one do u like better? 1 or 2

A lot of small developers would commission you for these, i’d recommend a starter price of 500R$ and move to 800R$ as time goes on.

Alr ty man, I will do 500, I’ve already got a commission anyways xD

Start whenever you think you are ready. Your logos are incredible!

I really like the logos. You should start! :wink:

Just made this for a friend, what do y’all guys think?Untitled201_20201105205853

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I would always start small if you feel like you’re ready to start doing doing commissions, you could start making a portfolio and put your work inside it and see if that’s what people are looking for. You need to get your work out there in order for people to notice you and see if they want to commission you.

Not saying you should start now, but if you feel like you’re ready, go ahead and research and find your audience that’s looking for this kind of art style, I would encourage you to not ask for prices as it is against the forum rules.

Simply you need to start small it may be easier and difficult at certain times as you need examples of many pieces of your work depending on people that expect more from you. You could certainly do commissions now if you’re ready. There are other artist out there that could probably give you information on how to get started, or if you’re ready and give proper prices for each of your artwork.

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Ty For that, i’ma try to make my logos better before i make a portfolio and start selling, b/c i think i need to put a lil more detail into it.

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Very cute logos, If I had to buy a logo like these I would pay you around 300R$.

You are using ibis paint for this?? Wow. I would use something like Gravit Designer, Adope XD (haven’t tried it out but some people told me it’s good and it should be free) or Gimp.

I’m pretty sure making those in ibis paint is much harder as you have to draw them yourself instead of being able to take a rectangle for example and just mess around with it.