Am I ready to start selling?

I’ve been making GFX for free for a couple of months now, and I’m not sure if Im ready to start charging people for my creations. Do you all think Im ready, or should I keep for free for longer?
Here are my favorite thumbnails I’ve made:

These where both made for a gladiator game, by the way.

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  • Not ready to sell

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You can start trying to sell whenever you want. It’s really a matter of whether or not you can find interested customers.

To that end, I think it may be a little soon. Don’t let the opinions of others get you down though. There’s no harm in looking for clients while still continuing to improve on your abilities.


Continue improving your skills before starting commissions. I suggest working on rendering, lighting, and effects. I suggest you get familiar with something like photoshop.


No offense, but your GFX looks like a simple screenshot with text put onto it.


Yeah no offense but I think you’re no where close to be selling if you’re just using studio screen shots. Maybe try some of these videos:

Ps: There are plenty more YouTube tutorials and DevForum.


Thank you for the videos on how to improve. Although Im not just using screenshots, I’ll for sure use the help :upside_down_face:


I’ll be totally honest with you!
This doesn’t look awesome but I’m not gonna judge you because I also think they are pretty creative and cool
You need to start using more blender to add effects and photoshop for coloring and making them look epic!
Also try the tittles to be elaborated that tittle seems you didn’t put any time and you just published fast so you could finish!
Try improving and you will soon get as good as an awesome artist.
Hope this is helpful!

  • I feel as if you are able to sell, just at a really low rate, as your thumbnails aren’t up to par with most players expectations, so selling what you have at a low rate, say, around one-hundred robux per advertisement, thumbnail, et cetera, since it would be a good starting price for you, specifically.

  • I also suggest you stick to games like Group Recruiting Plaza, since business players there are normally looking for a reliable partner to begin pumping out things like advertisements, and while yours may not be the best, or perfect, it would help you practice, and you would find consistent orders.

All-in-all, while your design and the graphical fidelity of your work may not be great, it’s still able to be sold, so try to find reliable business partners who for one, can let you experiment with your style, and let you become more proficient, and two, would be willing to buy off you consistently as most players don’t have deep enough pockets to purchase the quality they expect, since it’s extremely high.

tl;dr | start selling at a low rate to people who are going to be consistent and reliable so you can constantly practice and find better methods for certain things.


What software are you using???

I recommend starting to use rigs so you can get a smoother avatar and easier to bend It’s limbs.

Example of a rig I made:


Personally, I don’t think you’re ready. You should get more familiar with your program, and add lots more to your GFX. The text shouldn’t be boring and bland. I recommend using gradients, strokes, and different effects. I’m not sure what program you use, but possibly get some brushes. I also recommend you use Cinema 4D or Blender, as I cannot tell if you’re even using one of them at the moment.

Good luck, if you need any other help reply to my message!

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Try getting used to more advanced software, such as Blender.

This will make your GFX designs look more intriguing and detailed, which will make more people want to hire you over others. It may take a while getting used to, but don’t rush into it.

You could start commissions now if you like, but you might not make as much as you think, as
people may want a more detailed GFX, rather than something more simplistic. Start off with a small price for creating GFX designs if you do decide to start commissioning now, and then increase your prices as you become more skilled and experienced.

Good luck!

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I am wondering, so you import these into blender? It looks like you are taking screenshots from studio. I would say yes import them into blender to render better then maybe.