Am I responsible if I create a live-updating character of someone, and that character is wearing an inappropriate item?


So this is a very specific circumstance, sorry for the lengthy title. Anyway, in my game, I have live-updating characters (when I say live I mean they refresh every minute so technically not live but you know what I mean). Anyway, let’s say one of the people is wearing something inappropriate such as a bypassed shirt. Since the content is in my game, am I held liable and can I be punished even if it isn’t my fault?


No, you wouldn’t be a fault here. The user wearing the item and the item may be at risk.


Definitely, but the inappropriate item is still in-game, so would it really count?


Why would you be held responsible? Only the user wore the asset itself, and you can provide additional action by banning in-game or something. People wear bad stuff (aw man!) itself in games but the games don’t get deleted or anything for now.

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Players might complain, but in terms of punishment only the player wearing the item would get in trouble.