Am I right on the definitions of "ToObjectSpace" and "ToWorldSpace"?

Hey, Im trying to make sure I understand “ToObjectSpace” and “ToWorldSpace” right. Here is how I defined them:

  • ToObjectSpace
    Part2 becames the new origin, and it compares Part1 to that origin.

  • ToWorldSpace
    Adds both of their CFrames, and compares it to the World Origin.

Did I understand it correctly?

ToObjectSpace returns the offset of Part2.CFrame relative to Part1.CFrame

ToWorldSpace is basically just cframe multiplication, aka (CFrame * CFrame)
it first get’s the Part2 cframe relative to 0,0,0 position and rotation and applies that object space to Part1’s cframe

I recommend you read the cframe math operations article to get a more in depth knowledge on cframe math