Am I selling myself short? Should I do a price raise?

In my TF2 clone game I sell guns for 15 robux apiece. I wanted to price it like this because it’s how much people in BC make in a day. I have a conversion rate of >1% which is better than the top 25 games on Roblox, but I only make R$80 per paying user.

Should I be charging more for my weapons? Do you recommend me raising the price of existing weapons or just raising the price of new ones? I certainly don’t want to make my community upset. Thanks!

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I would raise the price a bit. Its almost like your giving the weapons away for free since BC users earn that money so quickly.

Are these unique weapons or weapon skins? I wouldn’t want to pay anything for a new weapon unless I also had the option to grind it out and earn it as well. And I’d feel bad if I was killed by a player who bought a better weapon with R$ when I have to deal with the “free” stuff.

Anyways back to your original question. If these are weapon skins, you could get away with making more detailed/fan favourite skins priced more - it’d make the real fans want to show off their “premium” stuff to their friends.

Though it’s important to note that the large majority of users are free users, so I’d be careful using BC users as a baseline.


These are largely sidegrades and much like actual TF2 there are many situations where the stock weapons are better. As of yet I have avoided grinding because I dislike it as a gameplay concept, also the weapons are so cheap as is. That being said, I’m not totally averse to the idea.

My conversion rate is very high compared to other games, so it’s not an issue of getting people to buy them, it’s just that I’m making so little per sale that it doesn’t really matter that I am selling a lot of things. If you think adding a grinding system would increase my revenue per paying user then I’m happy to consider it.

Well converting free players is half the battle, and studies show that once customers make an initial purchase they’re more likely to buy more going forwards. So making a few more higher priced items could tempt some players and give you a good pay off.

Just make sure the players are getting more (perceived) value out of those purchases than they’re worth, and that they are fair to players who can’t afford or don’t want them.


In my time of playing the game, I think I know what might be causing your revenue to be so low, and my apologies if there’s a shop on the first screen you see, but anyways.

In-game, you have to press M to open the shop, which could cause problems relating to people not seeing the shop, so they don’t buy anything from it. It could be a contributing factor, but I thought I’d share my thoughts.