Am I shadowbanned from VC?

Every time I join a game, my vc icon appears grey, and It doesn’t show if anyone else has VC in the server or not. If I click the grey icon, it shows me an error icon in every single game with voice chat.

  • I have been experiencing this for 2 months
  • My voice chat settings are enabled
  • My microphone is fully functional
  • The Input and Output devices are correct in the settings
  • I was never moderated for VC reasons

At this point, I am not sure why this is happening. Everything is functional on my side, so I would assume Roblox shadowbanned me from voice chat for absolutely no reason.

Anyone else has exprienced this? Any possible solutions to this problem? Help much appreciated.


Seems like I am, because this is connected to my IP-Address. I tried using VPN and suddenly VC started loading.

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If someone with the same IP gets banned from VC, you will also be banned. Restart your router.

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