Am make roblox hq model give me your feedback on it please

I Am make the Roblox HQ model there are some pictures:


Please give me your feedback on it

Bye. @vojtasuper2


I have a couple of issues:

  1. I can’t open the file
  2. When I try to open it, it makes me download another file

If you could make another video
That would be great
7 :money_with_wings:

The building looks very nice. I only see a few little things that could use some attention.

  • The biggest thing is the offices. From a logical view, the layout makes no sense. You’d expect a computer, paper, something that would be used in an office. I also see what looks like filing cabinets in the corner, I don’t know if it’s a perspective thing but they appear to be floating.

  • In the main lobby by the (pool?) I see 4 balconies but only 3 red streaks on that back wall. It gives the effect of 4 floors being stuck in between 3.

Overall, I think the exterior looks great and it’s on the right track.


Thanks for your feedback! :grinning:


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Thanks for uploading some pictures!
Now here’s some real feedback
The only problem I can see is the black chair, it seems like it has a comfier textjre which makes it stand out

The build overall is a 10/10


It looks very nice.



Thank you for your feedback! :grin::grinning: @vojtasuper2

Thank You For your feedback! :grinning::grin: @vojtasuper2

I woild say not to use granite ss a texture for a building like this, as it just looks out of place.

Other than that, great buildling!

Yeah, you’re right, granite isn’t the best material choice here.


Thank You For Your Feedback! :grin: