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:wave: Welcome to the official Developer Forum for Amaze Studios and Powerful :zap: Productions!

:question: What is Amaze Studios and Powerful :zap: Productions?

  • Amaze Studios and Powerful :zap: Productions are Game Development Studios with thousands of visits! We make fun and entertaining games to play on Roblox. We focus on the players’ experiences, we make sure that our players have the best experience in our games. Every single day we make sure there are no bugs, glitches, and/or problems.​
  • Amaze Studios was founded by ThePro in 2024 and ran by many other developers! Later on, we partnered with Powerful :zap: Productions, which was founded by HealthyMomin.

:video_game: What games has Powerful :zap: Productions and Amaze Studios made?

  • So far, Powerful :zap: Productions and Amaze Studios has made 2 games!
  • Powerful :zap: Productions and Amaze Studios are planning to make many more games!

:link: Links

:video_game: Powerful :zap: Productions’ and Amaze Studios Current Games

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Tower of Power

:wave: Welcome to the official Developer Forum for Tower of Power!

:question: What is Tower of Power?

  • Tower of Power is a randomly generated obby! This is a fun and entertaining game on Roblox with thousands of visits!
  • Tower of Power is an obby with special power-ups and NO checkpoints!
  • Tower of Power was made by Powerful :zap: Productions in 2021!
  • You can play Tower of Power here!

:bug: Bugs

Cash Reset Bug

  • This bug usually happens when Roblox Datastores are down. If you experience this bug, please contact one of the developers of Powerful :zap: Productions. If you ever see the Roblox Datastores as Disrupted/Unoperational (usually RED on the status website) or Partial Disrupted (usually ORANGE on the status website), then we recommend NOT to play this game, you might lose your data.

:scroll: Update Log

Latest Version

Version 1.5 (50k Visits)
  • 50k Visits Event!
  • New stages! (The Unknown and 50k Visits Stage)
  • Codes removed and player report menu removed!
  • UI remake!
  • Game description update!
  • New Easter Egg!
  • New trail (Limited Time!)
  • New badge (Limited Time!)
  • Christmas event removed!
  • Bug fixes!
  • New mutators! (Blur and Night Time)
  • Updated icon!

Archived Versions

Version 1.4 (Codes/Christmas 2022)
  • Christmas has been added to the lobby!
  • All UI’s have been updated!
  • Shop UI Updated!
  • All UI text fonts have been changed!
  • Lag reduce!
  • New Version UI!
  • Snow added!
  • Snowman added!
  • Pumpkins have been removed!
  • Spiders removed!
  • The founder’s avatar at the end has been removed!
  • Removed Halloween/Fall icon and replaced it with the original icon!
  • Various bug fixes!
  • 50k event has been created in studio and ready to publish!
  • Updated social links!
  • New Report User UI! (Below is a preview)
    © Powerful Productions - T.O.P Report Button
    © Powerful Productions - T.O.P Report UI
Version 1.3 (Halloween 2022)
  • New easter eggs!
  • Pumpkins have been added!
  • Spiders added!
  • The founder’s avatar is now at the end, offering you a chocolate bar!
  • Updated icon!
  • Bug fixes!
Version 1.2 (Tower)
  • Updated icon!
  • Bug fixes!
  • New stages!
  • Updated game description!
Version 1.1 (Shop)
  • Updated icon!
  • Bug fixes!
  • Shop added!
Version 1 (Release)
  • Tower of Power has been published!

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Upcoming Versions

Versions releasing in 2023:

Version 1.6
  • N/A

Anime Sushi Eating Simulator

:wave: Welcome to the official Developer Forum for Anime Sushi Eating Simulator!

:question: What is Anime Sushi Eating Simulator?

  • Anime Sushi Eating Simulator is a fun and addictive game where you can eat as much sushi as you want! Explore different worlds, collect different types of sushi, and compete with other players to see who can eat the most.
  • Anime Sushi Eating Simulator was made by Amaze Studios in 2024!
  • You can play Anime Sushi Eating Simulator here!

:bug: Bugs

Bug Name

  • N/A. No information.

:scroll: Update Log

Latest Version

Version N/A
  • N/A