Amazing GUI by AvalonIndustries

Here, I’ve attached some .MP4’s below.


You set the bar high by calling it amazing, and it delivered. Nice.

that’s cool as hell


My phone doesn’t like embedded mp4s :frowning:


On mobile phone. Caps plz

Edited OP

I hope the art in the actual game lives up to the GUIs.

am i the only one that thinks it looks atrocious



If you look at it as subjective, it might look bad because that’s your opinion.

If you look at it from an objective standpoint, its undeniably good as it shows what Roblox can do as a platform.


Needs to have less contrast in the background & spinny blocks so they’re less distracting from the already full menu. That would make it perfect. You really have to join the place - those mp4s didn’t come with sound.

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This is amazing though shouldn’t it be in “Cool Creations”?

Sorry didn’t mean to reply to Mael q.q

There’s so much moving here. It’s extremely distracting. Either the background should move a lot slower or not at all.


Technically that’s absolutely amazing, although it’s a bit too cluttered for my tastes.

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reminds me of blazblue’s GUI somewhat


I personally don’t like the style, but I love the detail and effort put into it.

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I think it’s too noisy. Too many animations all over the place, and the background doesn’t help.


Wow - I was going to move this to Cool Creations. Then I second guessed myself and thought, “Wait, that doesn’t look like ROBLOX at all, maybe it’s another game.”

Then I saw the topbar.

Moved to Cool Creations.

Man, that menu is incredible! And the music fits with it perfectly.