Amazing low poly simulator builder for hire!

Hello there! Im scxiped shark. i fast and amazing blender 2.8 and studio modeler. i started out when i started to learn blender 2.79. i watched some 2.8 videos and felt ready to move to 2.80. after a month. i started to get good. well here i am now :slight_smile:


  • I am cheap
  • I am faster as usual.
  • i have months of experince.
  • i dont work free
  • you pay first but i show you the map first.

You can contact me on the devforum or roblox!

Or comment on my channel __Scxipted

Note: the small maps cost around 500 robux. normal maps cost around 2.5k as i said.

You can contact me at anytime!. ill get back to you as soon as i can


The pictures for the maps are very stretched, and it makes the map look not so good, so I would recommend fixing that!


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