Ambiguity regarding method arguments, especially Vector3s and CFrames

One major problem I have with the developer hub’s API documentation is ambiguity around how it lists a method’s arguments - take, for example, CFrame’s methods ToWorldSpace and ToObjectSpace:

I can’t tell from a glance which of the CFrames - the one the method is being performed on or the one being passed as an argument - is the CFrame being converted to world or local space.

In a similar vein, the documentation around the new BasePart physics methods doesn’t specify if you’re supposed to pass your Vector3s in object or world space:

(It does explicitly label the arguments for these though, which is much appreciated)



With regards to the CFrame docs, I agree it’s a little ambiguous. We could do a better job providing the equivalence as an example. To answer your question, CFrame is the CFrame whose method is being called and cf is the argument. Clearly, there are two separate CFrames part of this operation.

For the new BasePart physics methods, we haven’t gotten around to documenting those just yet. Stay tuned.

For either of these, we’re always open to suggestions of what you think would be most helpful on the page! Makes our job easier to a degree :slight_smile:


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