AmbitiousCorpral GFX

Sup forum! I just made this GFX and I’d like some feedback on it, I’m open to constructive criticism and if you have any tips or tricks for me, please share! Anyways, thanks for the feedback.

End Note:
I rendered this in Blender 2.92, so if you use the same version or blender at all, please give me some tips to improve my GFX, thanks!


Loving it! I’ve got to say my favorite part is that motion blur effect. I’m not sure what the orange bar is but I’m assuming that’ll be removed. Otherwise, just slap a logo on that and you’ve got a great thumbnail!

The pose of the soldiers is too similar, and I think the rocks look a bit too smooth, although it might just be me. Other than that, it looks quite good.

I can see quite a lot of noise. It appears the focus is on an army commander, directing his soldiers. Thats cool. But, why does the light reflect off the mouth instead of going inside of it? that gives the feeling that it is a toy

Looks amazing. I love the blur and the lighting. You should add a bomber in the sky. Also, you can tell how you copied the soldier 3 times, as they have the same positioning with their legs and arms. Otherwise great GFX

Well, you can only do so much with Roblox. If this was possible, I think he would do it.

I’m just tryna imply that in real life, your mouth is a black void, and because this is a decal, its not the same here.

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This is in blender, not in ROBLOX. All he’d have to do is add textures to the rigs, but that is way easier said then done.

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Pretty nice, As a guy who used to develop for war groups its nice to see some fellow war devs work here.

I also see your using what looks to be some old tech used by UDIS and Kernmagne for the officer/general in the centre of the image.

The High ranking officer there could do with some rank-slides/shoulder-straps to display his rank though.

Thanks! I was too lazy to download the picture from my photo editor, so I just to a screenshot and I guess I got the orange bar in it :/. But thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I pretty much just copied and pasted the rigs once I had them all suited up, but now I know that I probably shouldn’t be lazy with rigging

Yeah, this was my first GFX rendering in 2.92, so I was messing around with some of the glare compositing, so that’s probably why the commander seems so noisy

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 2.27.48 PM
talking more about the blurred parts, not the commander